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Treatment overview

Premium cataract surgery

Get freedom from cataracts and glasses – learn more

Cataract surgery

Get freedom from cataracts – learn more

YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG laser capsulotomy helps you reclaim clear vision after cataract surgery – learn more

Lens replacement

See again without glasses or contact lenses if you’re over 45 – learn more

Glaucoma treatment

Halt the progression of your glaucoma – learn more

Premium lenses

Get freedom from glasses and contact lenses if you’re unsuitable for laser – learn more

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My patients across Northwest England and North Wales say

My vision has improved tremendously, and it's like having HDTV installed! Once again, many thanks.
To Mr Nguyen, Thank you so very much, the berries are very red, as are the traffic lights...and I can see my cat's whiskers!
Mrs GE
I never thought I would describe eye surgery as a pleasant experience, but it was; you are a gifted person. I am sure you have heard this many times before, but the contrast before and after such a short surgery is truly remarkable.
I never imagined the difference it would make, black and grey cows now look black and white! Such an amazing difference. I consider, we, as human beings are very privileged to be able to have this treatment.
Mrs LB
I cannot thank you enough for the care and attention given to me during my recent cataract removals. As someone of a somewhat nervous disposition, you made the whole experience less stressful than otherwise it might have been.
Mrs MF
It is now just over a year since you carried out the procedure on my second eye. I still awake in wonder each morning when I wake and can see clearly.
Thank you for the new lens you fitted to my right eye. I cannot believe how much better my vision is - massive improvement for driving.
I was facing the possibility of being unable to drive because of poor vision, but now, after 70 plus years of wearing spectacles, I no longer need them! Amazing! Added to that, my snooker has improved enormously!
The miraculous improvement from my extreme short-sightedness coupled with cataracts in both eyes is a massive life change, and I am enormously grateful to you all. I wish to thank you most sincerely for all the expertise, care and kindness shown to me.
Mrs CJ
From my initial consultation through to walking out the door following surgery, I found the whole process to be fantastic and could not have wished for a nicer experience.
I am very pleased to say my eyesight is so much better. I am so delighted that I can see very clearly again, no blurred vision at all. It's brilliant.
Mrs ML
I am writing to thank you and your wonderful team in enabling me to see a world that I almost forgot existed. The vibrancy of colour and brightness are a joy to behold.
Mrs CS

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