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Glaucoma surgery helps you stop further vision loss

If drops and laser don’t work for you then this sight-saving treatment can stop the thief of sight
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Glaucoma surgery gives you peace of mind

If you’d like to know the ins and outs of glaucoma surgery we have all the information you need below

Glaucoma surgery suitability criteria

Glaucoma is a very complex condition; therefore, to determine your suitability for treatment, you must have a detailed assessment with a glaucoma specialist.

How glaucoma surgery works

Glaucoma surgery improves the drainage of fluid from the eye, lowering eye pressure.

There are different types of glaucoma surgery and it is important that we discuss the various options with you before you undergo treatment. The most common glaucoma surgery is trabeculectomy.

What is trabeculectomy?

The operation involves forming a small channel through the white part of the eye. This channel will allow fluid (aqueous) – made naturally in the eye – to drain away. The drainage site is under the upper eyelid and cannot be seen, and once settled, should not cause you discomfort. The fluid will drain from the channel and be absorbed by conjunctival vessels in the eye.

Patients having this surgery can have it under a general or local anaesthetic.

Advantages and disadvantages of glaucoma surgery


  • Surgery is often the most effective way to lower eye pressure significantly
  • Surgery can be performed when eye drops or laser have not sufficiently controlled the eye pressure
  • After surgery, patients often no longer need to use daily glaucoma drops


  • Like any surgical procedure, glaucoma surgery carries an element of risk

Glaucoma surgery risks

Glaucoma surgery, like any other operation, carries with it the risk of complication. However, fortunately, serious risks such as the vision becoming worse or losing vision completely (blindness) are uncommon.

Glaucoma surgery options and alternatives

Eye drops

Eye drops can be used to lower eye pressure. These medications work by reducing fluid production inside the eye or helping fluid drain from the eye. Glaucoma medications must be taken regularly each day to work effectively. Some patients may require more than one type of eye drop. If treatment with eye drops fails to control the pressure in your eye, or you experience side effects from them in the eye, laser treatment and/or an operation may be required.

Laser treatments

Laser treatment uses light to help fluid drain from the eye or eliminate the fluid blockage. Medications are used to numb the eye before treatment so it is usually little or no pain. Most lasers take only a few minutes to perform. The type of laser that is right for you depends on your type of glaucoma.

Common types of laser include:

  • Laser trabeculoplasty
  • Laser iridoplasty
  • Laser iridotomy
  • Diode laser

Glaucoma surgery steps

Step one: We’ll perform a procedure with the intention of lowering your eye pressure

Step two: You’ll be asked to use eye drops after your surgery

Step three: We’ll regularly see each other after your surgery to ensure that your eye is responding well to the procedure

Glaucoma surgery results

Will the operation improve my sight?

Unfortunately, the operation cannot bring any sight that has been lost. After the operation, your sight may be initially blurred and seem worse. This is usually only temporary as your eye will need time to heal and settle down following surgery. This can take up to 6-8 weeks in total.

How successful is the operation?

Evidence shows that surgery is most effective at lowering eye pressure, and the lower the eye pressure, the lower the risk of progressive visual loss from glaucoma. Following surgery, in up to 80% of cases, no further treatment is necessary. In 10-15% of cases, drops to reduce pressure will still be needed. In 5-10% of cases, further treatment or surgery may be necessary.

There is a small risk of bleeding in the eye at the time of surgery which usually clears gradually. There is also a small risk of over drainage, so the pressure is too low after surgery. This usually settles but may need extra treatment. There is also a rare risk of late infection. The rate of development of a cataract may become accelerated after glaucoma surgery, and this may require lens surgery to improve your vision.

How long will I be in the hospital after the operation?

Most patients can go home the same day of surgery, assuming they have good vision in the other eye or have someone with them that evening. Patients can choose to stay overnight if this may be difficult.

Catch glaucoma early to save your sight

Gain peace of mind in 3 easy steps


Get in touch

Early detection and treatment of glaucoma is essential to preserve your sight. The first step is to give our friendly team a call on 0333 200 5843 or book an appointment online now.


We’ll meet

At your appointment, I’ll be able to assess your eyes so we can see what we’re dealing with and put your mind at ease.


Start living

I’ll be with you every step of the way as you begin to experience the relief and peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.

Worried that glaucoma might cause you to lose your sight?

Managing glaucoma doesn’t need to be scary or stressful. Book a free video appointment today and I’ll help you regain control of your vision and put your mind at ease

Book a free video appointment

Worried that glaucoma might cause you to lose your sight?

Managing glaucoma doesn’t need to be scary or stressful. Book a free video appointment today and I’ll help you regain control of your vision and put your mind at ease

Book a free video appointment

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Have you been diagnosed with glaucoma or know you’re at higher risk?

I can put your mind at ease and help you take charge of your vision

Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma

Being told you have glaucoma can be very scary indeed. The prospect of losing your vision is stressful enough without the added pressures of current world events and long treatment waitlists. I’m here to help you secure your sight and give you peace of mind.

Book a free video appointment today to beat the post-lockdown treatment queues so you can stop worrying and start living.

No, I’ve not been diagnosed yet but know I’m at a higher risk of developing glaucoma

If you’re African American, over the age of 60, have diabetes or a family history of glaucoma, the chances of you developing this sight-threatening condition are increased.

Book a free video appointment today and I’ll see you promptly so we can rule out this disease and give you the peace of mind you need so you can stop worrying and start living.

My patients across Northwest England and North Wales are relieved to prevent vision loss from glaucoma

I’ve helped thousands of people in Northwest England and North Wales enjoy a better life without glasses, contact lenses and eye conditions

From my initial consultation through to walking out the door following surgery, I found the whole process to be fantastic and could not have wished for a nicer experience.

I am very pleased to say my eyesight is so much better. I am so delighted that I can see very clearly again, no blurred vision at all. It’s brilliant.
Mrs ML

My vision has improved tremendously, and it’s like having HDTV installed! Once again, many thanks.

I never thought I would describe eye surgery as a pleasant experience, but it was; you are a gifted person. I am sure you have heard this many times before, but the contrast before and after such a short surgery is truly remarkable.
I never imagined the difference it would make, black and grey cows now look black and white! Such an amazing difference. I consider, we, as human beings are very privileged to be able to have this treatment.
Mrs LB

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