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Cataracts are the most common vision impairment in the world and happens to most of us

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye, which leads to a decrease in vision
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A cataract is clouding of the lens in your eye that progressively affects your eyesight

If you’d like to know the ins and outs of cataracts we have all the information you need below

Cataract incidence / prevalence

A cataract is clouding of the lens in your eye that may affect your eyesight.

Symptoms include:

  • Worsening of vision which may appear cloudy, fuzzy or misty
  • Difficult reading
  • Glares and halos from light
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Double vision
  • Frequent changes in prescription as eyesight worsens

Cataract causes

It is not known why age-related cataracts develop, but there are certain factors which increase your chances of developing them:

  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Medications – such as long term use of steroids
  • Exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight (use of sunglasses which block out UVA and UVB rays may help prevent this)
  • Family history of cataracts

Cataract diagnosis and examination process

Your optometrist may mention that you are developing cataracts as part of your regular examination with them. They will use a special microscope (slit lamp) to examine your eyes. They may occasionally instil a drop into your eye to enlarge your pupil. This will cause your vision to be temporarily blurred but will allow them to examine your natural lens for cataract development.

If the cataracts are beginning to affect you, your optometrist will refer you to me. I will confirm you have cataracts
and then we can have a discussion regarding what we can do to improve your eyesight.

Cataract treatments

Cataracts are likely to worsen over time, and so at some point, it may be appropriate to consider surgery. Essentially, this means surgically removing the cataract and replacing your cloudy lens with an artificial one.

I can use different types of artificial lenses to replace your cataract. These include:

  • Single vision lenses (monofocal) – These are generally used to improve your distance vision, but you will require spectacles to help you see things close up, such as when reading. “Mono-vision” is a technique whereby one eye is provided with distance vision, the other eye for reading.
  • Extended depth of focus lenses (EDOF) – Used to provide improved intermediate vision such as working at the computer.
  • Multifocal lenses – Used to provide the widest “range” to the vision for distance, intermediate and near activities.

I must discuss the potential options with you to provide you with the most appropriate solution that will achieve your goals.

Cataract FAQ

How long is the hospital stay?

Most cases can be done as a day case procedure, allowing you to go home on the day of surgery.

How long is the recovery period?

Within the first week, much of the visual improvement from surgery has already been obtained. The vision may alter slightly over the next four weeks or so, but there is little change after this. For most people, a return to full activity is possible within two weeks of surgery. Still, it is important to discuss this with your surgeon. You will likely have to change your spectacles.

What are the dos and don’ts after surgery?

After cataract surgery, you should avoid rubbing your eyes. With modern surgery techniques, bending over, and heavy lifting are not strictly forbidden anymore. Wash your hair with care, making sure that the water does not go into the eye.

Fix your cataracts AND read again without glasses or contacts?

Many people have cataract surgery without knowing they have different options. Book an appointment today, and I’ll show you how you can both beat the cataract queues AND read again without glasses

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Fix your cataracts AND read again without glasses or contacts?

Many people have cataract surgery without knowing they have different options. Book an appointment today, and I’ll show you how you can both beat the cataract queues AND read again without glasses

Book an appointment

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I can help you.

Book an appointment today and I’ll help you beat the post-lockdown cataract surgery queues and restore your vision so you can resume life with your favourite pair of glasses.

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I can help you.

Book an appointment today and I’ll help you beat the post-lockdown cataract surgery queues and show you a treatment option that not only treats cataracts but eliminates your dependence on glasses too!

My patients across Northwest England and North Wales are thrilled to reclaim their lives after cataracts

Hear how they stopped waiting and started living again

My vision has improved tremendously, and it’s like having HDTV installed! Once again, many thanks.

To Mr Nguyen, Thank you so very much, the berries are very red, as are the traffic lights…and I can see my cat’s whiskers!
Mrs GE
I am very pleased with the results. Your excellent surgical skills, as well as your pleasant manner, were very much appreciated. I now look forward to a bright, clear future!
Mrs JT
I never thought I would describe eye surgery as a pleasant experience, but it was; you are a gifted person. I am sure you have heard this many times before, but the contrast before and after such a short surgery is truly remarkable.
I never imagined the difference it would make, black and grey cows now look black and white! Such an amazing difference. I consider, we, as human beings are very privileged to be able to have this treatment.
Mrs LB

I cannot thank you enough for the care and attention given to me during my recent cataract removals. As someone of a somewhat nervous disposition, you made the whole experience less stressful than otherwise it might have been.

Mrs MF
It is now just over a year since you carried out the procedure on my second eye. I still awake in wonder each morning when I wake and can see clearly.

I am writing to thank you and your wonderful team in enabling me to see a world that I almost forgot existed. The vibrancy of colour and brightness are a joy to behold.

Mrs CS

I was facing the possibility of being unable to drive because of poor vision, but now, after 70 plus years of wearing spectacles, I no longer need them! Amazing! Added to that, my snooker has improved enormously!


The miraculous improvement from my extreme short-sightedness coupled with cataracts in both eyes is a massive life change, and I am enormously grateful to you all. I wish to thank you most sincerely for all the expertise, care and kindness shown to me.

Mrs CJ

Thank you for your wonderful skill and professionalism during the time I had my cataracts removed from both eyes. It really did seem like a miracle when the bandages were removed, and I could see clearly without spectacles.


It’s a miracle. People say the days of miracles are over, but they are not. I woke up the following morning after surgery, and for the first time in years, I saw the berries on the Rowan Tree.


We have replaced the images of real patients who
provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

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